Events & Meetings

Located in the midst of the desert, with picturesque venues, ample spaces, generous hospitality, and exclusive conceptualised themes, The Desert Resort, Mandawa is the ideal setting for themed gala events, parties and celebrations.

On offer are a range of scenic venues, each with its own distinctive charm, spread across two properties—The Desert Resort and the family-run Castle Mandawa, which is conveniently located at a distance of 1 km from the resort.


Destination Weddings

Whether it be the majestic ‘Castle’, the romantic ‘Oasis’ or the panoramic ‘Dunes’ and ‘Gardens’—each venue is exquisitely embellished in regal finery. Together with culinary delicacies, specialty wine and spirits that flow unplugged, enchanting performances and flawless service, each wedding at The Desert Resort is tailor-made to fit your fantastical vision, making this experiential boutique resort the perfect place for a magical lifetime union. 

The wide range of unique venues are spread across two properties—The Desert Resort and the family-run Castle Mandawa, located at a mere distance of 1 km from the resort. Choose from a grand royal wedding at the fort, a solemn western-themed experience, a traditional Rajasthani union, a rustic folk ceremony, an exotic Arabic-styled night of festivities or from a range of other themes for the pre-wedding and wedding functions. Each venue, event, and experience is customised as per your requirements. 

Whether you wish for rose petals to shower from lit skies, captivating drummers and dancers to mesmerise the guests, or vintage cars, horses and camels to accompany the procession—we ensure that your vision of a dream wedding is realised, right from the striking welcome on your arrival to the departure of the blessed couple. 


Our commitment to provide the best hospitality reflects in the services we extend to our corporate clients as well. The Desert Resort offers a fully-equipped conference room to meet all your business requirements. We understand our clients’ needs when organising seminars, conferences, workshops and offsites. Customising our services to best suit your specifications, we pay attention to each minute detail and create a memorable experience for all participants.

Easily accessible from New Delhi and Jaipur and located in close proximity to sites of cultural significance, the resort’s expansive desert landscape gives you a welcome respite from glass walls and high-rise buildings. The Desert Resort offers luxurious rooms, a range of activities to keep you and your team engaged, and state-of-the-art facilities—making it an ideal venue for all business events.

Themed Events

A grand dinner at Castle Mandawa that revives the regal past and old-world charm; a rustic Rajasthani soiree on the dunes with fire dancers and folk singers adding to the revelry; a quaint celebration in the many gardens, a poolside party at sunset or a fantastical recreation of the ‘Arabian Nights’—complete with a desert bedouin camp under the stars and a mesmerising Egyptian folk tanoura performance—there are themes galore for you to choose from. 

Savour the specialty wines and cocktails, treat yourself to mouth-watering barbeque as you watch live performances and indulge in the culinary delicacies on offer from a range of cuisines including Mughlai, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Continental and traditional Rajasthani.

We work with you to conceptualize your event, and execute each minor detail to absolute perfection, making sure your night is a memorable one. 

Film Shoots

The picturesque town of Mandawa houses architectural and cultural masterpieces. The region has been dubbed an ‘open air art gallery’, courtesy the winding bylanes dotted with exquisite havelis and the intricately painted frescoes and murals. With its rolling dunes, mystical desert ambience and rich cultural past, the town of Mandawa is a directorial delight. Many popular films and shows have been shot in town, including Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal, Begum Samru, Bard of Blood, Manorama Six Feet Under, PK, Bajrangi Bhaijan and Mirzya. Mandawa has also been the setting for popular songs such as Paheli and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.



The festival of Gangaur, celebrated in the month of chaitra (March-April) is a cause of much celebration and fanfare at Mandawa, being one of the most important local festivals of Rajasthan. Women worship idols of ‘Gan’ (Shiva) and ‘Gauri’ (Parvati), praying for marital happiness. Alongwith the ritualistic importance of the festival for women, Gangaur also marks the advent of spring and the harvest according to the Hindu calendar.  Festivities and rituals continue for 16 days, culminating in an immersion ceremony where the effigies are submerged in the lake on the final day. 

Guests can experience the festive fervour of Gangaur celebrations at Mandawa with the ‘Isar Gangaur Puja’ conducted by women, traditionally-attired in their ceremonial best. The functions are followed by a grand procession, where local performance artists, musicians, palanquins, chariots, bedecked camels and horses accompany the women carrying the twin-idols on their heads, for the final immersion. The celebrations end with a local fair in town, complete with amusement rides, riveting performances, traditional sweets and local delicacies. 



The spring festival of Holi begins with ‘Holika dahan’, a symbolic bonfire that is lit the night before the main festivities. Holi in Mandawa is a true riot of colours and the entire village comes together to celebrate, irrespective of religion. Mostly played with dry colours (gulal), the celebrations here combine fun and frolic with traditional performances, such as the customary dance (GINDAR) performed by men dressed as women. Bhang flows unabated as locals dance to folk tunes, traditional sweets are served even as the sky is obscured in a cascade of colours—Holi in Mandawa is an exceptional photo-worthy moment. While the festival here is celebrated with much gaiety, the festivities are also respectful of individual wishes. No one is forced—guests can choose to partake in this revelry or watch from the sidelines.